Warsaw Village Band

I’ve decided that once in a while I will do a post about Polish culture.

Today I want to write about the Warsaw Village Band (Kapela ze wsi Warszawa). They have nothing to do with Bialystok or Art Factory. This is a band that’s been around for a while, and they’re pretty popular in Poland – but not only. They play tradition Polish folk music with a twist – for example, on their new album, Infinity, they added elements of jazz, hip hop, etc. You can check out some of their videos here.

Not surprisingly, they are touring around the world – you don’t have to understand Polish to enjoy their beautiful music. For those of you in the UK and Scandinavia, you’re in luck as they will be in several major cities of these countries. They will also visit Slovenia, Italy, France, and Germany.

I got a chance to see them in concert in Suprasl, which is a town just outside Bialystok, about two years ago. It was a really amazing experience – lots of people dancing and singing along. Their main singer, Maja Kleszcz, has the most amazingly haunting voice. Take a listen for yourself.

What do you think?



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