A photographer from Bialystok

I would like this blog to not only provide information about the Art Factory Bialystok residence, but also about Polish culture, music, food, and artists. I’ve already mentioned the Warsaw Village Band.

Today I am featuring a photographer from Bialystok, Jedrzej Wojnar. Jedrzej really has a wonderful eye. I met him in a bit circuitous way when I was looking for a wedding photographer. Jedrzej photographed my wedding, and my husband and I to this day love looking at the photographs. The reason I hired Jedrzej was not because of his wealth of experience as a wedding photographer, but because I really loved his artistic photos and I thought he had an eye for light, which is a rare gift, indeed.

Jedrzej received his MA in Sociology from the University of Bialystok. He does photography full time photographing weddings commercially, working for the local daily Gazeta Wyborcza, as well as on his own artistic projects like BRAMA. BRAMA (which means gate) is a project documenting an old neighborhood of Bialystok – the old 19th c. wooden houses, the cobblestone streets, etc. – which may not exist in the near future. Unfortunately, the link to that project online is no longer functioning, but here are links to his site and photo blog.

What do you think of his work? Are there any Polish artists you are interested in learning about?


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