• to provide dedicated professional artists/writers at all stages of their careers with the time, space and resources to create
  • to foster creative development in the city of Białystok
  • to facilitate cultural exchange and understanding of world cultures
  • to make art more accessible

Art Factory Bialystok is an international artist residence program in the beautiful town of Białystok, located in the northeast of Poland. It is a new program, started in 2008 – first artists hosted in summer 2008. Art Factory is run by the non-profit Podlaskie Association AXIS MUNDI (ngo), and it is unique in that it is not institutionally based.

There are several sessions throughout the year. Currently, an 8-week-long summer session takes place every year in July and August for professional visual artists. Please see the Summer 2010 link for more information on this session. We are also in the process of developing a writer’s residence program, with the first edition occuring in June 2010. Please see the Writer’s Residence link for more information.

Axis Mundi:

Art Factory Białystok International Artist Residence is being organized by the non-profit non-government organization Podlaskie Stowarzyszenie Axis Mundi. Among others, the main aim of Axis Mundi is to promote art and culture, especially Polish cultural heritage. We work closely with local cultural institutions, like Galeria Arsenał and Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury, to develop a cultural awareness among local citizens and to exhibit art to as wide an audience as possible. Other projects we have realized: group exhibitions of local and foreign artists (ongoing project), educational projects with children and youth, and free art classes for children. Future projects include free art classes for adults and the elderly, a festival for women promoting personal development, and craft fairs promoting local artists.


Email: art.factory.bialystok [at] gmail [dot] com

Tel. +48 784 780 491

You may also use the comments forms found on this site.


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